Best of TIBS! – Mobile West Canning

Here’s to unexpected things happening in 2021 like it’s the 14th month of ’20! The show that should be publishing right now won’t see the light of day, sometimes that happens. Exactly 2 times, to be precise.

We thought we would take a trip back in time, all the way to December of 2019, when our guest was Mobile West Canning. At the time of recording this episode there was no way to know the extreme importance MWC’s service would have the following year. Just four months after this recording, we went into lockdown due to Covid.

The lifeline of canned beer Mobile West offered several of our favorite breweries during to go only restrictions cannot be overstated. For some breweries, MWC is the only reason they survived this unprecedented time.

Sit back and remember a simpler time, when people could sit at the same table and drink and laugh together all night!

Live with The Indie Beer Show

Every once in awhile we like to do a Show where it’s just us hanging out with you. In the long, long ago, we would be having a bottle share or some other fun activity to interact with our friends and supporters.

Pink elephants aside, we’ll fire up TIBS! at the same bat time and on the same bat channels as usual to talk about the current state of beer in San Diego, our future amazing guests we have scheduled, and most importantly, have fun!

This week, we’re drinking all dark beers!

We’ll be featuring the following:

Midnight Expression from Port Brewing – Dark Lager

Stout from Sierra Nevada (the first beer they brewed)

Spicy Maya from Thorn – Dry Irish Stout with cocoa nibs, pasilla peppers, cayenne and a touch of cinnamon

Doom Blade from Modern Times – Black IPA

Thank you for being the best humans on Earth; we hope you enjoy the audio version of this episode and/or the live stream below!


Live with Brian Mitchel from Pariah Brewing Co.

Who’s ready for the first anniversary preview show of 2021?! We are, that’s for sure! We’re ready for anything celebratory after the last 28 months of 2020.
We’ll be joined by Brian Mitchell from Pariah Brewing Co. to discuss all the details of their upcoming 4th Anniversary, their Valentine’s Day pairing with Good Seed Food Co. and everything else we can cram into a few hours celebrating this achievement with our friend!
We will be featuring:
Dank Drank IPA – the original Pariah IPA and always a delight to drink
Colors IPA – new release for the anniversary – melon/citrus/tropical flavor notes await our enjoyment
Lebron Haze – All Galaxy, all the time
Dorcha Extra Stout – coffee stout with coca nibs
We hope you enjoy this audio version but just in case, the live video is below. Cheers friends!


Live with Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Co.

On this extremely exceptional episode of The Indie Beer Show, we have the legendary Vinnie Cilurzo from the almighty Russian River Brewing Company! This terrific retirement gift has come to be due to the diligence of Brandon, and I, Brian, am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have one of my favorite breweries of all time join us for an evening that will certainly not be forgotten.

We will be featuring the following beers:

Intinction Pinot Noir – Wild Ale w/ Red Wine Grapes, 7%

Citra Flash Mob IPA – Citra “flash-hopped” IPA, 7%

Pliny the Elder– Double IPA, 8%

Pliny the Elder Double Dry-Hopped– Double IPA, 8% (side by side with the original!)

We know you’ll enjoy this Show but just in case you want to see how it all went down live, the video is below!


Live with Derek Gallanosa from Moksa Brewing Co.

Maybe this will be the start of a new series, who knows?! We’re very pleased to have Derek Gallanosa, Head Brewer, Sales Manager, Social Media Manager, and Outside Events Manager (I’m sure there’s actually 4 more jobs in there) on the show to talk about all things Moksa.
For those that may not know, Derek started his craft beer career here in San Diego, and was one of my teachers in the SDSU Craft Beer program. We are seriously looking forward to tasting through his excellent products.
For this beer, we teamed up with Corey from 3 Sons Brewing Co and combined our Imperial Stout recipes to incorporate elements of how we both approach Non Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts with post fermentation treatments. For Virtual Hugs, we used 14 lb/bbl of cashews, 2 lbs/bbl of Guatemalan cacao nibs, and .4 lbs/bbl of Congo vanilla beans. Expect this to be thick, sweet, nutty, chocolaty, roasty and all around delicious.
This beer is about as pure as you can get. Minimal hopping and a super basic grain bill makes this style incredibly hard to do well. For Snappy The Lager, 100% of our grain bill came from Admiral Maltings in Alameda, CA. We then ferment the beer using our favorite lager yeast from Augustiner and let it set in the tank for multiple weeks. Although it seems like a simple process, every step of producing this beer has to be monitored to reduce the slightest hint of off flavors. This beer drinks crisp and snappy with refreshing malt flavors. And at 5% you can enjoy plenty of it in one sitting.
2020 has been a shitty year that has limited our interactions with the people we love. How Are You Doing? is a reminder that even though you cannot physically see your friends and family, reach out and ask how they are doing. Who knows, it may be the message they have been waiting for. This beer is a Hazy IPA brewed with 5.5 lbs/bbl of Strata and Citra.This pillowy beer has notes of yellow peaches, satsuma tangerines, a bunch of sweet pineapples.
We’d never thought we would see the day that people come up to the bar and order beer based on how hazy it is. It’s weird AF to be honest. This is strange to type but we feel there is still a desire for a clear, crisp West Coast IIPA. For that reason, and the fact that we think they’re effin’ delicious, we will continue to make this “forsaken” style for all, errr, some of you to enjoy. We hopped this beer with a 6.6 lb per bbl combo of all hand selected Idaho 7, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe.
Short for Nephelometric Turbidity Units of 500, at over a 6.5 lbs per barrel combo of Citra and Galaxy. Aromas and flavors will be very citrus and tropical forward, almost juice like.
We hope you enjoy the audio version of this show, but just in case, the live stream video is below as well!