Burgeon Beer Co. Part 2

This is the second part of Burgeon Beer Co. episode, make sure you’ve listened to the first part, or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.

In this almost half of The Show we dive into the deep pool of news this week has to offer. Among other things, we cover Modern Times raising $1 million seemingly overnight, Constellation coming out of their Ballast Point honeymoon period, a future Karl Strauss food truck and expanded plans for San Marcos, the amazing results of the LA International Beer Competition, and the San Diego International Beer Festival results.

Yes, we complain about the drive up to Carlsbad, at least to each other, but it was a very worthwhile trip, even in rush hour traffic. Burgeon is quickly becoming one of San Diego’s favorite breweries and you could see it in the packed tasting room on a random Wednesday night! Thank you to Matthew and Anthony for taking the time to hang out with us!

I hope you took a small break after the first half of this Show to grab a Reclaim the Wild, but even if you didn’t, hit that play button!

Burgeon Beer Co. Part 1

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but we’ve been having a freaking blast over here lately! This week is no exception; we sat down with Matthew and Anthony from Burgeon Beer Co. for a delightful conversation!

We discuss the whirlwind the last year has been for this up and coming brewery, their charitable efforts to plant 25,000 trees (and other community support), ask them some questions from you guys, the greatest people on earth, and generally have a ton of fun!

Later in the show we talk about Matthew’s role as the San Diego Brewers Guild president, what their effort is about, and how it’s gone for him so far.

We’ve got a mountain of news for you this week, so much so that we has to split this show into 2 parts as well. Jump into part one and the second half will be waiting for you when you’re ready. Cheers!

Beth Demmon and Bonuses!

This week on The Show we are joined by freelance writer and local beer journalist, Beth Demmon! We dive right into her monthly feature in West Coaster, called Prohibitchin’, that focuses on women in the San Diego indie beer industry. We also have an unplanned, bonus guest, Robert Bessone from 13 Point Brewing Co.

We were sent beers to feature on this show by Single Speed Brewing in Iowa! I have to say, we really enjoyed their offerings and will definitely visit them if we’re ever in Cedar Falls or Waterloo; you should as well!

We cover the very important topic of which SD beer writer performed better on the BJCP exam, Beth or Ian Cheesman; we do this for you and you’re welcome San Diego! We do also ask a few legitimate questions about the arduous process and work it takes to prepare for and pass the BJCP tasting exam.

We also discuss the Reckless Brewing glob of crap, no I’m not linking to them, we don’t need to encourage people to visit their site. Getting back towards funner topics, we get an awesome announcement about Beth being awarded the North American Guild of Beer Writers 2019 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant!

Get yourself ready, grab a great #indiebeer , and hit the play button friends!

Black Plague Brewing

This week on TIBS! we sat down with the fine gentlemen of Black Plague Brewing. We had a blast hanging out with Jordan Hoffart, Jared Doss, and Aeryk Heeg. We hit it off instantly and now we’re all buddies.

While the show progresses, and sampling of their products got deeper, we were impressed with the quality of their offerings. I believe it would be obvious to anyone that talks to these guys that their passion and drive to help BP excel are second to none. I often say authenticity matters, and this crew has it in spades.

I’m stoked they make clear AF beer, but, due to the world’s intent on irony, my favorite beer of the evening was Hazy Scandal. You’ll hear a few slips of my skate nerdness, there’s a great Esthela’s Cheves this week, and you’ll get to know a little bit about this Oceanside brewery.

Get comfortable and hit the play button! This is Episode #28, if you’re keeping track.

Duck Duck Gooze and The Lost Abbey Part 2

Our current fortuitous reality continues! This week we are joined by 
Tomme Arthur and Adam Martinez from The Lost AbbeyPort Brewing – The Hop Concept, to discuss the upcoming release of 2019 Duck Duck Gooze, relive some horrors they’ve since dubbed #clusterduck, and discuss some of the other aspects of their deep portfolio.

This is the second half of a 2 part episode, so make sure you listen to part 1 first, or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.

Thank you to Tomme and Adam for giving us a little peak into their minds. It was a honor and a privilege to spend this much time with a true craft pioneer. Hit that play button!

Duck Duck Gooze and The Lost Abbey Part 1

Our current fortuitous reality continues! This week we are joined by Tomme Arthur and Adam Martinez from The Lost AbbeyPort Brewing – The Hop Concept, to discuss the upcoming release of 2019 Duck Duck Gooze, relive some horrors they’ve since dubbed #clusterduck, and discuss some of the other aspects of their deep portfolio.

We had a little too much fun yucking it up with these two stand out members of the SD craft beer scene, so we’re splitting The Show into 2 halves. Before I forget, I want to mention Tomme was honored with the Russell Schehrer Award, a legacy award for contributions and innovations in craft brewing.

The discussion circles through the DDG process, a playful look at the difficulty of the release in ’16, Green Duck Duck, and some current goings on of The Hop Concept and Port Brewing!

Hit the play button and watch out for part 2 in a few minutes!

Rye’d The Dragon at Savagewood!

Over here at TIBS!, we’ve been on a tremendous streak of good fortune! This week, well last month actually, we got the chance to collaborate with Savagewood Brewing on a fine crafted beverage.

The malts break down like this, 80% 2 row, 12% rye malt, and 8% flaked oats. We saved room in the kettle for a cold water addition after the boil, that dropped our whirlpool temp down to about 175 degrees, for 1.33lbs/BBL of Dragon hops to take a swim in. Then they let WLP067 do its job and added 2.66lbs/BBL of those same Dragon hops in dry hopage.

I think the beer turned out really good, but don’t take my word for it, get over there and try it for yourself! Yes, the limited cans have sold out but there’s still some available on drat for another week or so!

We had a blast recording a live show at the Rye’d The Dragon release party, we really enjoy getting to interact with our fans when we get the chance. Thank you to everyone that made it out and an even bigger thank you goes to Savagewood for working with us on an indie beer show indie beer! Get listening!