Burning Beard Brewing Anniversary Preview

Coming up on February 29th, the jewel of El Cajon, Burning Beard will be celebrating their 4th (or 1st if you’re a leap year stickler) anniversary with a giant party!

It’s always a great time when we get to sit down with some of our favorite people; we’re joined by Shannon, Jeff, and Mike for a great night of discussion revolving around all things Beard, with an emphasis on the upcoming shin dig! Speaking of the party, make sure to get your tickets here, really soon, the event is on the brink of being a sell out.

If you aren’t going to whoop it up in El Cajon, consider coming and seeing us record live at The Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival!

Grab a great #SDBeer, maybe this terrific triple IPA, Dr. Gonzo from BB, and hit the play button!

Booze Brothers Brewing Co. and the new SD Brewers Guild President

This week we have a great guest for you, Kris Anacleto, who cheekily refers to himself as Mr. Manager from Booze Brothers/Owl Farm, the new president of the  San Diego Brewers Guild!  We get to discuss his role in both beer brands and what it’s like for his peers to support him being involved with the guild, leading to his new position.

We had a terrific night hanging out with Kris; the full TIBS! team was present for this recording, and we really dig it when that’s possible!

If you haven’t been to Booze Brothers before, definitely get up there very soon, they are making great beer and have a very comfortable tasting room to enjoy it in. They also recently opened a second tasting room, located at 606 Mission Ave, in Oceanside.

Here’s your reminder to jump in and have some fun with us during our #29DaySDBeerChallenge leading up to Indie Beer Madness!

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival Preview

It’s time for us to talk a little more about one of our favorite #SDBeer festivals, the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival! This will be the 10th year of this terrific event and you should go check it out if you can.

We are joined by festival organizers Robert and Amber Esparza  to talk about some of the highlights of this year’s occasion, including what adds extreme value to the entrance cost, it comes with food. It all goes down on leap year day, Febuary 29th, if you don’t have plans, you do now!

We will be live podcasting at the fest; this will our second live show of the year and we’ll talking all things MVCBF and #indiebeer. Want to come out for the first live show of the year, join us for The 3rd Annual Women in beer Show, led by Esthela, at Border X of Febuary 19th.

In this episode we also got to try the new Societe Brewing beer, The Scamp, which is delightful! We hope you enjoy this episode and have a chance to give us a high five at MVCBF!

The Original 40 Brewing Co.

When the opportunity presented itself for us to sit down with one of the younger but impressive breweries in #SDBeer, and Sore Eye Cup champion, The Original 40 Brewing Co., we did not hesitate!

On a wonderful Wednesday night in the TapCraft Studio, we had the company of head brewer, Chris Gillogy and owner, Steve Billings to discuss how the first 7 months of OG 40 has been going.

We taste through several of their beers, talk about some upcoming additions to the menu, and have a grand old time hanging out with good friends!

We’ll be launching a #29DayChallange on Feb 1st to get you hyped for the return of Indie Beer Madness! Yep, we can’t wait to celebrate #SDBeer with another good old bracket showdown. We’ll also be using #RoadToMadness if you guys want to follow along! We’ll be at a different brewery each day to let you know why we think they’re awesome.

Get yourself a Chrispy Boi and feel the good times as you listen to this episode!