7th Annual Sore Eye Cup Finalists!

San Diego, you have chosen the 10 finalist beer for the 7th Annual Sore Eye Cup! This year, our finalists (in no particular order) are:

  • Clever Kiwi by Burgeon
  • Vice Pink Guava by Wild Barrel
  • My Trusty Llama by 13 Point
  • Dawn of the Deft by Deft
  • Hopcondido by Escondido
  • Dankness Visible by Burning Beard
  • Juice Maze by The Original 40
  • Five Finger Discount by 2 Kids
  • Needle in the Hey by Thr3e Punk Ales
  • Smylex by Pariah

Make sure you come to the announcement party on August 10th, at noon, at The Rabbit Hole.

A giant shout out to the returning Sore Eye Cup sponsor, Tap Craft! Remember to contact Tap Craft for all your draft system supply, installation, and maintenance needs!

Setting the industry standard for all beverage draught systems, TapCraft is Draughting Quality Beverages.


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