About Us

Brandon, Brian, Esthela and Abel on the floor at GABF

The Indie Beer Show is a podcast that features San Diego Beer News® founder Brandon Hernández, independent-beer advocate Brian Beagle, Mujeres Brew House founder Esthela Davila and producer (a Societe Brewing employee) Abel Garcia along with regular contributors and friends of the show. Through weekly interviews with members of the brewing industry, we provide a balance of educational, topical and entertaining discussions. During each episode, we focus on timely topics, interesting guests, thanking our Patrons for their support, and, of course, beer!

We’re doing our show live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday night at 6:30 PM PT and it has proven to be highly rewarding to be able to interact with our audience. Are you an independent brewery that would enjoy having your story and products featured on an upcoming episode? Have a news item we should discuss? Just want to say hi? Great, hit us up at Cheers@indie.beer or get social, links are at the bottom of the page!

Still want your podcasts in audio form? We get it and will always publish our Shows in the traditional format. You can find us in your favorite players like  ITunes IHeartRadio Spotify Overcast FM Stitcher Google Play Music TuneIn and many more. You can also say “Alexa, play the podcast The Indie Beer Show”, which is definitely the coolest way to access our content. Shows publish Monday mornings; subscribe today to keep up!