Live with Resident Brewing

Nestled within The Local Eatery and Drinking Hole in the Gaslamp Quarter, Resident Brewing has long been a hangout for game-going Friars fans. Pre- and post-gaming Padres die-hards have been hitting the brewpub up even more of late following Resident’s recent collaboration with right-handed starting pitcher Joe Musgrove, AKA: the first Pads hurler ever to throw a perfect game. The result of that meeting of the minds is No-No Joe, a mega-hopped Double IPA that we’ll be drinking along with some of Resident’s other beers when they join us on the podcast.

What They Drank:
No-No Joe | Unfiltered West Coast Double IPA (8.2%)
Fleeting Glimpse | Gin & Tonic-inspired Barrel-rested Saison (8%)
Barrel-aged Baby Sips | Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout w/ Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Beans & Mostra Coffee (14.5%)

Live with Ataraxia Aleworks

There’s no substitute for experience, and Daren Rudy, the co-founder and brewmaster at recently opened Ataraxia Aleworks has plenty. He cut his teeth on the brew system at legendary Ballast Point Brewing, picking up the skills and techniques he’s now putting to work at his own business. Daren came on the show to tell us all about what visitors can expect when they visit his zen-focused Kearny Mesa tasting room, and shared some of his very first drafts.

What They Drank:
Harambe Helles | Helles Lager (4.5%)
Cowbell IPA | Double Dry-hopped Hazy IPA (6.5%)
The Great Deliverer | Porter (7%)

Live with Harland Brewing

It’s a two-for-one episode this time around as the crew welcomes Anthony Levas and Ryan Alvarez from Harland Brewing and Scout Distribution. Both businesses operate out of Scripps Ranch but have reach far beyond that bedroom community. Harland’s beers are also available at tasting rooms in Del Mar Highlands and Bay Park. Meanwhile, Scout has branched out to Orange County and Arizona. On top of that, both operations have expansions en route. Get a teaser about that and tons of info on the humble beginnings and current direction of what has become one of San Diego’s most popular breweries.

What They Drank:
Japanese Lager | Japanese-style Lager (5%)
Amarillo Citra Haze | Hazy IPA (6.5%)
Nelson! Nelson! | West Coast IPA (7%)
Seekers SZN | Imperial Stout w/ Coconut & Marshmallow (11%)

Live with One Season Brewing

It’s a coffee shop. It’s an adventure-sports outfitter. It’s…a nanobrewery! Stop, you’re all correct. The Grantville industrial suite that started out as TRVLR Coffee Roaster has expanded to offer wares to outdoor enthusiasts and beer drinkers alike. The latter are serviced by One Season Brewing, an operation specializing in refreshing, low-calorie ales and lagers, the type one might enjoy after a day of hiking or biking. See, it’s all starting to make sense, but we get further clarification on what this multifaceted operation is all about from owner Dan Romeo on this multi-faceted episode of The Indie Beer Show.

What They Drank:
Found the Lite | American Light Lager (4.8%)

Live with Mcilhenney Brewing

East County is about to heat up when the family that founded Alpine Beer Co. nearly two decades ago launches their second family fermentable business, Mcilhenney Brewing. That spot, which has been erected in the same pair of suites where their first business was born, is scheduled to open the last week of May, but we were able to sit down with PatValShawnJamie and even infant brewer-in-training Cameron ahead of that arrival to find out what to expect when San Diego’s most anticipated brewing project in some time debuts. Along the way, we take a trip down memory lane for some very candid accounts of different chapters of the Mcilhenneys’ lives and times in the brewing industry. It’s a can’t-miss episode if ever there was one. Do yourself a favor and take a listen.