Beach Grease Beer Co.

Maybe you haven’t heard about this brewery in Vista that focuses on poundable beers with a beach, hot rod, motorcycle, skateboard vibe, but they’re here and they are making some pretty tasty beer, get to know Beach Grease Beer Co. They’re tasting room is decorated with everything I just mentioned and is certainly unique and stands out in San Diego.

JamesBanuelos, the founder, joins us on The Show for a great discussion about their inception, what their brand is all about, some of the hickups along the way to where they are now, and generally provides a great context for the overall Beach Grease experience.

We tasted through several of their core beers and were impressed. All the beverages we enjoyed were on message and definitely fit with the poundable motto. We were also lucky enough to help them break in their future podcast space they built on the mezzanine level of the brewery!

We had a great evening hanging out with James and hope that comes through in the recording. Grab yourself a Surf Reaper and hit the play button!

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