Best of TIBS! – Mobile West Canning

Here’s to unexpected things happening in 2021 like it’s the 14th month of ’20! The show that should be publishing right now won’t see the light of day, sometimes that happens. Exactly 2 times, to be precise.

We thought we would take a trip back in time, all the way to December of 2019, when our guest was Mobile West Canning. At the time of recording this episode there was no way to know the extreme importance MWC’s service would have the following year. Just four months after this recording, we went into lockdown due to Covid.

The lifeline of canned beer Mobile West offered several of our favorite breweries during to go only restrictions cannot be overstated. For some breweries, MWC is the only reason they survived this unprecedented time.

Sit back and remember a simpler time, when people could sit at the same table and drink and laugh together all night!

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