Black Plague Brewing

This week on TIBS! we sat down with the fine gentlemen of Black Plague Brewing. We had a blast hanging out with Jordan Hoffart, Jared Doss, and Aeryk Heeg. We hit it off instantly and now we’re all buddies.

While the show progresses, and sampling of their products got deeper, we were impressed with the quality of their offerings. I believe it would be obvious to anyone that talks to these guys that their passion and drive to help BP excel are second to none. I often say authenticity matters, and this crew has it in spades.

I’m stoked they make clear AF beer, but, due to the world’s intent on irony, my favorite beer of the evening was Hazy Scandal. You’ll hear a few slips of my skate nerdness, there’s a great Esthela’s Cheves this week, and you’ll get to know a little bit about this Oceanside brewery.

Get comfortable and hit the play button! This is Episode #28, if you’re keeping track.

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