Burning Beard Brewing Anniversary Preview

Coming up on February 29th, the jewel of El Cajon, Burning Beard will be celebrating their 4th (or 1st if you’re a leap year stickler) anniversary with a giant party!

It’s always a great time when we get to sit down with some of our favorite people; we’re joined by Shannon, Jeff, and Mike for a great night of discussion revolving around all things Beard, with an emphasis on the upcoming shin dig! Speaking of the party, make sure to get your tickets here, really soon, the event is on the brink of being a sell out.

If you aren’t going to whoop it up in El Cajon, consider coming and seeing us record live at The Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival!

Grab a great #SDBeer, maybe this terrific triple IPA, Dr. Gonzo from BB, and hit the play button!

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