CCBA Spring 2019 Conference, San Diego

While I was still under the weather, Esthela and Brandon had the chance to interview several integral members of California Craft Brewers Association at their annual Spring Conference. If you’re not aware, The California Craft Brewers Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association representing the craft and specialty brewing industry in California. Formed in 1989, the CCBA is the oldest state trade association representing craft breweries. The CCBA is committed to protecting the growth, quality and variety of California’s craft brewing industry.

The primary  function of the CCBA is to monitor legislative activity at the state Capitol and provide a single and coherent political voice representing the interests of all of California’s craft breweries. They also provide a lot of resources and services to the members of the association.

They start off with Leia Bailey, the Managing Director of the CCBA and Laurie Navas, the Marketing & Events Manager. They discuss the origin of the association, what their roles are, and some of the important work the organization does on a daily basis.

In the middle segment Brandon and Esthela are joined by Chris Cramer: Co-founder/Co-owner of Karl Strauss Brewing and the current Chair of the CCBA. They discuss the importance of protecting the craft beer/indie beer friendly regulations that we currently have in California and how the association fortifies the strength of the craft industry here in CA.

In the final segment they are joined by Tom McCormick, the Executive Director of the CCBA. Tom mentions several bills they are addressing currently, specifically A.B. 1713, and A.B. 205; you can follow those links to get updates and more information.  There is a video below about another bill they are opposed to, if you’d like to help, contact your representative to voice your opposition for A.B. 860.

Want to get a good feel for the CCBA and the events they offer? Attend the CA Craft Beer Summit in Long Beach, happening Sept 12th and 13th. Want to have a blast at a tremendous beer festival, join us at Summit Beer Festival on September 15th!

As Chris Cramer said, grab a California craft beer and hit the play button!

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