Duck Duck Gooze and The Lost Abbey Part 1

Our current fortuitous reality continues! This week we are joined by Tomme Arthur and Adam Martinez from The Lost AbbeyPort Brewing – The Hop Concept, to discuss the upcoming release of 2019 Duck Duck Gooze, relive some horrors they’ve since dubbed #clusterduck, and discuss some of the other aspects of their deep portfolio.

We had a little too much fun yucking it up with these two stand out members of the SD craft beer scene, so we’re splitting The Show into 2 halves. Before I forget, I want to mention Tomme was honored with the Russell Schehrer Award, a legacy award for contributions and innovations in craft brewing.

The discussion circles through the DDG process, a playful look at the difficulty of the release in ’16, Green Duck Duck, and some current goings on of The Hop Concept and Port Brewing!

Hit the play button and watch out for part 2 in a few minutes!

4 thoughts on “Duck Duck Gooze and The Lost Abbey Part 1”

  1. Great episodes w/ the guys from Lost Abbey! Though I’ll likely never try DDG (a bit pricey, a bit tough to find, etc), it does sound interesting. Keep up the great work! (Bummer about Brandon’s mic…)

    1. Thanks Brooks! We got Brandon’s audio all fixed, if you had any issues hearing him, please let me know where you played the episode from.

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