Jawing, Drinking, Drink and Jaw

This week’s episode finds Esthela, Brandon and myself discussing some current beer happenings while drinking some amazing beers! This is what most of the craft beer / indie beer podcast world does and we love to do the same when we get the opportunity.

We dive into the recent Saturday Morning beer that got the crazy attention from the nation. If you noticed, your craft beer buddies were not surprised by this beer. Beers like this have been around for a long time and cereal beers have become boring/old hat to beer geeks everywhere.

Out Top 3 this week was suggested by Pacific Beer Chat, check them out if you haven’t yet!

We talk about Iron Fist’s first brewing schedule release, drink Freeskate from Resident Culture Brewing (Thanks BFF Vance!), Iron Fist Blood Orange IPA and Fresh Perspective (for the record, I did the actual math after the show and 500 cans is only 1.5 BBLs, so definitely a limited release), Blood Orange Family Tart from Bitter Brothers, Project 66 form Quantum, 11 IPA from Amplified, and Old Bro from Duck Foot. I might have even missed a few, when there’s “drink” in the title twice, things like that can happen.

If you’ve made it this far I thank you for actually reading! This is episode #25, if you care. Hit that play button!

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