Live with Ashleigh Carter from Bierstadt Lagerhaus

We are beyond excited to bring you an evening with Bierstadt Lagerhaus from Denver Colorado. We will have Ashleigh, Bierstadt’s co-founder and head brewer, on The Show.
We’ll dive into why they have made the decision to focus on Reinheitsgebot-approved German lagers, the possibility that they may be more known outside of Denver than in their own town, and anything else you want to ask this brewer that reminds us to #lagerhard .
We will be featuring the following beers:
The Slow Pour Pils – your favorite brewer’s favorite beer
Dunkel – Dark, flavors of bread crusts and chocolate. Franconian classic
The Slow Pour Pils – yes, we will drink and revel in this beer’s greatness twice!
This is a great episode focusing on the dedication to lagers; it’s always refreshing to talk to a brewery that has been able to scratch out an existence doing their own thing and forging a unique path for themselves. Have a listen or relive the live stream below!

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