Live With Bob Kunz & Blanca Quintero from Highland Park Brewery

Our world tour month continues; first we took you to Canada, then we blasted down to Denver, now we’re bringing you a night with Highland Park Brewery!
This amazing brewery is exactly 118 miles from my front door but it will seem like mere inches thanks to the miracle of the interwebs. We have Bub Kunz and Blanca Quintero on to discuss all things Highland Park and we will get to feature the following beers on The Show:
Timbo Pils – West Coast Pilsner
Beeper – Hazy Pale Ale
Jetski Backflipzzz – Hazy TIPA collab with Alvarado St
We has a blast hanging out with these instant beer friends and encourage you to support them when you get the chance – please enjoy this audio version of the live show.
The livestream is below, just in case you want to relive that.


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