Live with Deschutes Brewery

In the craft-beer world,, few names are as big as Deschutes Brewery. Opened in 1988 as a small brewpub, this Bend, Oregon operation has grown into the tenth-largest craft-brewing company in the country behind a variety of beers, ranging from sessionable mainstays to barrel-aged specialties and hop-driven pales and IPAs. The crew talked about about them all while diving into the hop-laden latter with Product Development Director Veronica Vega and Brewer Jeff “Verno” Johnson. A great deal was also shared regarding hops, agriculture and more in an episode jam-packed with info…and a lot of fun!

What They Drank:
Squeezy Rider | West Coast IPA w/ Strata Hops (7%)
Symphonic Chronic | West Coast IPA (7.2%)
Haze Tron | Hazy Imperial IPA w/ Cryo Hops (8%)

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