Live with Erik Fowler from White Labs

We had a wonderful evening discussing beer, yeast, and all things White Labs with Erik Fowler!

We specifically brought him on The Show to discuss the first packaged beer from the lords of yeast. It true White Labs spirit, they zigged when most would zag; for their first offering, Tabberer, they released a mixed pack, not of different beers, but the same beer fermented with two different yeasts. Each 4 pack includes two beers fermented with WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast and two beers finished with the strain that started it all, WLP001 California Ale Yeast.

We hope you enjoy this audio version of the live stream show, and take this as a reminder that you can join us, every Thursday at 6:30, on Facebook or YouTube, for some entertainment, knowledge and fun!

And if you want to relive the live cast:

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