Live with Gene Fielden from Bottlecraft North Park

As we’re winding down this loco year, we thought it would be nice to talk about the holiday season in reference to craft beer purchasing and more importantly, drinking.
In this vein, we bring you a wonderful evening with Gene Fielden the Beer/Wine/Spirits Buyer from Bottlecraft North Park to talk about holiday beer traditions, his holiday shopping advice and celebrate that we’ll soon see the end of 2020!
We will feature the following beers (all available at Bottlecraft NP):
Foliage Autumn Lager from Enegren
Bacon & Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter from Pizza Port
Christmas Ale Belgian Winter Ale from St. Bernardus


Gene is a wealth of knowledge, if you ever have a beer or spirit question, don’t hesitate to visit him at Bottlecraft and get some advice. We hope you enjoy this audio version of the livestream! Just in case you want to relive the live show, the video’s below.


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