Live with George Thornton from Home Brewing Co.

It is impossible to ignore the inequalities in our world. We condemn racism in any form and are committed to its destruction in our communities. Far too many people of color have perished in the hands of those that are supposed to protect us. All lives cannot matter until black lives matter.

We encourage you to commit to ending racisim and support Dr. J. Jackson-Beckham’s Craft Beer For All efforts.

This week’s show features one of the very best humans in the #SDBEER world, George Thornton from the one two punch of Home Brewing Co. and The Homebrewer. If you have not met him, make sure you visit as soon as we’re allowed to hug people again!

We had a great night sampling beers with George and talking all things Home Brew Co! He even sent us an ABV Smuggler as a bonus gift.

Strap in, we get chatty and almost hit the 2 hour mark. Stay safe, do what you can to support your local, independent breweries, busnesses, and artists and we hope all is well with your and your family.

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