Live with Harland Brewing

It’s a two-for-one episode this time around as the crew welcomes Anthony Levas and Ryan Alvarez from Harland Brewing and Scout Distribution. Both businesses operate out of Scripps Ranch but have reach far beyond that bedroom community. Harland’s beers are also available at tasting rooms in Del Mar Highlands and Bay Park. Meanwhile, Scout has branched out to Orange County and Arizona. On top of that, both operations have expansions en route. Get a teaser about that and tons of info on the humble beginnings and current direction of what has become one of San Diego’s most popular breweries.

What They Drank:
Japanese Lager | Japanese-style Lager (5%)
Amarillo Citra Haze | Hazy IPA (6.5%)
Nelson! Nelson! | West Coast IPA (7%)
Seekers SZN | Imperial Stout w/ Coconut & Marshmallow (11%)

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