Live with The Indie Beer Show

Every once in awhile we like to do a Show where it’s just us hanging out with you. In the long, long ago, we would be having a bottle share or some other fun activity to interact with our friends and supporters.

Pink elephants aside, we’ll fire up TIBS! at the same bat time and on the same bat channels as usual to talk about the current state of beer in San Diego, our future amazing guests we have scheduled, and most importantly, have fun!

This week, we’re drinking all dark beers!

We’ll be featuring the following:

Midnight Expression from Port Brewing – Dark Lager

Stout from Sierra Nevada (the first beer they brewed)

Spicy Maya from Thorn – Dry Irish Stout with cocoa nibs, pasilla peppers, cayenne and a touch of cinnamon

Doom Blade from Modern Times – Black IPA

Thank you for being the best humans on Earth; we hope you enjoy the audio version of this episode and/or the live stream below!


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