Live with Timothy Parker from Chula Vista Brewery

We can’t overstate how rewarding doing our show in this new format has been. We’re finding the combination of live video with the interaction from the public provide a more powerful experience for all involved. That being said, here’s the audio version of our Show for those that still want their podcasts that way!

This week’s guests are  Timothy Parker and James Hodges from Chula Vista Brewery and we’re excited to welcome them to The Show for what will be a terrific evening. Here are the beers we’ll be featuring:

Guerita Blonde Ale
Amberillo Red Ale

If you have a chance go visit these fine people and grab these beers to drink along with us!

If you would like your favorite beer podcast on a mask, they’re $10, including shipping. Stay safe out there!

And in you would prefer to watch it, click here!

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