Live with Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Co.

On this extremely exceptional episode of The Indie Beer Show, we have the legendary Vinnie Cilurzo from the almighty Russian River Brewing Company!

This terrific retirement gift has come to be due to the diligence of Brandon, and I, Brian, am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have one of my favorite breweries of all time join us for an evening that will certainly not be forgotten.

We will be featuring the following beers:

Intinction Pinot Noir – Wild Ale w/ Red Wine Grapes, 7%
Citra Flash Mob IPA – Citra “flash-hopped” IPA, 7%
Pliny the Elder– Double IPA, 8%
Pliny the Elder Double Dry-Hopped– Double IPA, 8% (side by side with the original!)
We know you’ll enjoy this Show but just in case you want to see how it all went down live, the video is below!