Live with Colby Chandler from Ballast Point Brewing Co.

Yes, you read that right!

Yes, the sale of Ballast Point Brewing Company to Constellation Brands is when our friends over at Beer Night in San Diego coined using #IndieBeer instead of craft. Yes, the initial blow back on social media from that was insane for those of us that adopted the effort right away. Yes, eventually, everyone came around. Yes, that’s what lead to the Brewers Association making a symbol to help consumers understand which beers are produced by independent breweries. Yes, it is why we’re called The Indie Beer Show; we wanted to be extremely clear in what we support!

We’re stoked this Mt. Rushmore of #SDBeer is once again a member of the indie beer family and we’re welcoming them back the safest way we can, with a live stream show for all of you!

The beers we’ll be featuring in this show:

Kings & Convicts Brewing Co. – Pilsner – German – 4.8% ABV – 23 IBUs – Full of character, this lightly hopped Pilsner has notes of citrus, squeezed Kiwifruit and nectar fruits.

Swingin’ Friar Ale
Ballast Point Brewing Company – Pale Ale – American – 5.5% ABV –

Manta Ray
Ballast Point Brewing Company – IPA – Imperial / Double – 8.5% ABV – 70 IBUs – This new IPA rises above the rest. We’ve developed many IPA recipes in our R&D program, but right from the tank, our Manta Ray Double IPA was a winner. Aromas of fresh, citrusy tangerine, melon and light pine leap from the beer and linger over a smooth finish. Like its namesake, this brew can sneak up on you – a big beer without a bite.

High West Barrel Aged 2017 Victory at Sea
Ballast Point Brewing Company – Porter – Imperial / Double Coffee – 12% ABV – 35 IBUs – High West Bourbon/Rye Blend aged for 7 months. Layers of complexity emerge with notes of soft caramel and smoky oak over a dark chocolate and roasted almond body

We hope you enjoy this audio version of the live stream and want to remind you  to join us every Thursday night at 6:30 on our Facebook or YouTube channels to watch it all (and drink along with us)!

Live with Rawley Macias from Rouleur Brewing Co.

This week we have another awesome guest for you, Rawley Macias from Rouleur Brewing Co.!

Doing our show live has been super rewarding for us but if you want to drink along while listening, here’s the beers we will be featuring on The Show:


We hope you enjoy this audio version of The Show and here’s a reminder to join us Thursday nights at 6:30pm for the live streams on our FaceBook or YouTube pages!

Live with Bill Batten from TapRoom Beer Co.

We had a great night getting to try a sampling of beers from one of the most anticipated brewery openings in San Diego in recent memory.

The construction may have taken forever, but the result is a very unique spot in North Park for your drinking and eating needs.

We featured the following beers; go grab them and drink along with us:

Still Life Saison
Modern Love IPA
ESB is Dead

I hope you enjoy this audio version of our live cast, and remember to join us every Thursday night at 6:30pm on our FB or YouTube pages to see it all go down live!

Live with Greg Koch from Stone Brewing

We start the show expressing our support for those in the streets screaming for justice and equality. Abel leaves The Show in the middle to join one of the moving protests that came near his home. Know that we condemn racism in all forms and are committed to destroying it in our communities.

Yes, you read that correctly. Greg Koch from the one and only Stone Brewing will be joining us on what is sure to be an epic night for our fans and show members alike!

We’re going to do things a bit differently for this one; all the traditional framework of the show will happen at the beginning and then we’ll spend the remainder of The Show discussing all things Stone Brewing with Greg, he joins us at 42:35 if you want to skip to that part.

Here are the beers we will be featuring and I can already tell you I will be pre-gaming with Stone IPA :

Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager
Stone Notorious P.O.G. Berliner Weisse
Stone Tangerine Express Hazy IPA

Make sure you pick those up if you would like to drink along with us!

Live with George Thornton from Home Brewing Co.

It is impossible to ignore the inequalities in our world. We condemn racism in any form and are committed to its destruction in our communities. Far too many people of color have perished in the hands of those that are supposed to protect us. All lives cannot matter until black lives matter.

We encourage you to commit to ending racisim and support Dr. J. Jackson-Beckham’s Craft Beer For All efforts.

This week’s show features one of the very best humans in the #SDBEER world, George Thornton from the one two punch of Home Brewing Co. and The Homebrewer. If you have not met him, make sure you visit as soon as we’re allowed to hug people again!

We had a great night sampling beers with George and talking all things Home Brew Co! He even sent us an ABV Smuggler as a bonus gift.

Strap in, we get chatty and almost hit the 2 hour mark. Stay safe, do what you can to support your local, independent breweries, busnesses, and artists and we hope all is well with your and your family.