The Indie Beer Show – Episode #9 – Blend-O-Matic

Sometimes we’re lucky and get invited to some fun stuff, this was not an exception! The amazing people over at Second Chance had us come out for the release of Blend-O-Matic, a new, revolutionary collaboration with the juggernaut, AleSmith. In an extremely unique concept, they brewed 2 completely different beers, one a hazy IPA, the other a brut IPA, with the intention of being physically blended. The combined, result is available on draft, but what pushes this collab into the stratosphere of awesomeness is that you can purchase mixed 4 packs (2 cans of each beer) of 16 oz cans and combine the beers at your whimsy! I’m a fan of the 50/50 combination that is available at 2nd Chance, but maybe you like 60/40, or gasp 30/70!

We were hanging out on the Beer Lounge patio in North Park, first joined by Marty Mendiola, the Co-founder and Brewmaster of Second Chance, and Peter Zien, CEO & Owner of AleSmith. These guys are both integral to the history and success of #SDBeer and we were still a little star struck that they sat down with us. Personally, I didn’t even mention Speedway Stout being the only member of the Sore Eye Cup Hall of Fame until after we were done recording with Peter. It was a great time to get to hang with these two legends, who clearly have a great friendship, as you’ll hear!

In the second segment we have Ryan Crisp, Director of Brewery Operations and Colin Field, Specialty Brewer from AleSmith. We discuss the origin story of the brut IPA side of the Blend and many other terrific things currently happening inside the mega complex on AleSmith Court. Yes, if you didn’t know, the street where they are located is literally named after the brewery.

We close out the show with Rudy from CraftBeerd (and now Jolly Spaceship) and Virginia Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder of Second Chance to talk about the art work and the overall collaboration spirit behind the Blend-O-Matic endeavor.

This show was a lot of fun for us and I hope that translates to your ears! I’m done typing; hit the play button!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #8 – Mc Stouty Stouts

We had so much fun recording #6 in a construction site that we decided we should do it again! A big thank you to Steve at U31 for letting us this space once again. We invited over some friends of The Show, Morgan Tenwick, Jen Mann, and of course Travis Hudson, Mr. #stout365, for some “drinking a bunch of stouts” fun in a slightly creepy location! We also break down our Top 3 got to beers, beers we can drink anytime, anywhere.

We began our sampling with SD staples and Sore Eye Cup champions; I’m not sure I had ever really drank Oatmeal Stout from Benchmark, Tabula Rasa from Second Chance, and Speedway Stout from AleSmith in sequence but each remains a beacon of light in a sea of awesome stouts. The time tested quality of each of these beers and breweries really underlines the legitimacy of their Sore Eye Cup victories.

Then we’re totally invaded and show jacked by the What’s on Draft crew! They’re on to discuss all the great things you can expect to see in the Sexy Brewers calendar. You get to hear my honest, first reactions to each month’s picture and hear some behind the scenes stories about the shots, it’s like Pop Up Podcastio, you get all the fun without those annoying visuals. The calendar benefits Life Sharing, a charity close to Tom’s heart.

We squeeze in some older (aged) stouts, a few barrel aged bottles, and just for the record,  we also consumed a bunch of OTL Lager and 2 crowlers of Eppig beers. This was one of our heavier drinking episodes in a while and I really enjoyed it!

Grab your favorite stout, or go to beer, and push that play  button!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #7 – Live at The Rabbit Hole

Here at TIBS!, we love to mix it up with our fans and record our shows live when possible. The good folks at The Rabbit Hole invited us out for a night of fun on the back patio; you know, in the corner, where we belong!

Twenty or so of the finest individuals that the amazing indie beer community has to offer joined us for a fun night, under the sails! We began with Stephen, the general manager; discussing the change over from True North, North to The Rabbit Hole, what got him excited about craft beer in the first place, what he enjoys about running a restaurant, and the step by step world domination of the Social Syndicate.

We were then joined on The Show by Nickie Pena from Paradeigm to discuss the latest SD Craft Beer Economic Impact study and some great things about SD Beer Week and the SD Beer app!

We close out the interview section of the show with James, the beer program manager, to talk about his philosophy on beer lists, what he loves about his job, which distributors and breweries he likes working with the best, and the best way to get your beer in front of him to sample.

There’s also news, and jokes, and fun! Why are you still reading this? Grab a Burgeon Treevana (Sore Eye Cup Champion), Resident Chasing Citra, or Chasing Galaxy to be in tune with The Show and hit the play button!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #6 – Bruce Glassman Brings Us Beer and We Drink It!

In a complicated string of events, much too boring to type here, we ended up recording this episode in a very nontraditional location. Thankfully the indie beer gods saw it wise to provide us an under construction brewery to use for our own shenanigans. I want to personally thank Steve from U 31 for welcoming us into his space and allowing us to enjoy this unique building, way before anyone should.

Bruce Glassman, award winning author and publisher, came to TIBS! bearing 8 delicious gifts for us to sample while discussing his accomplishments and contributions to the San Diego beer journalism world.

We started with a great array of Brut IPAs from Duckfoot, Council, Burning Beard, and Wild Barrel. In a never before seen outcome, each of us chose a different beer as our favorite, completely proving all of these beers are exceptional!

Then we dove into Festbiers (’tis the saison) from the lager king of SD, Gordon Biersch, next in line for the lager thrown (and sharpening their sword), Eppig, the greatest brew pub North county has to offer, Bagby, and the gold bar standard, Karl Strauss. Each and every one of these beers are incredibly high quality and massively enjoyable, exactly what they are supposed to be!

We also discover the secret to getting clean pours out of those awesome crowlers we all love! You’re welcome world!

Thank you to Mr. Glassman for taking the time to hang out with us for a few hours, and even more so, for bringing an array of delightful SD beers for us enjoy on The Show!

You can check out Bruce’s article here,  grab an indie beer, we suggest a Festbier or a Brut IPA to be on theme, and hit the play button!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #5 – Sin Fronteras Brewing

It’s a terrific day here at TIBS!, we’re finally sharing the time we got down to Sin Fronteras (Without Borders) for a long visit and recorded a show for you! If you have not had a chance to check out the burgeoning craft beer scene in Mexico, I suggest you investigate ahora mismo! When you decide to go south of the border for adventure, make sure you add Sin Fronteras Brewing to your mandatory list. The brewing side is coming soon, but they currently have a great selection of Mexican and American indie beers for you.

This is an amazing place to spend a day of drinking and fun! They are located directly on top of a cliff, at the water. Calling this a beautiful place to drink is an understatement. There is also a very famous surf store (K38) and 2 food places all within the same complex. They also has two suites you can rent out if you would like to spend the night. It’s a very special place, that has no direct comparison, to anywhere in the States. We were lucky enough to take a bus down with 10 of our fans/friends, which made transportation a breeze, and added to how special the day was! A giant shout out to Robert Esparza, the owner of Sin Fronteras, for welcoming us into his establishment and setting up the bus, we truly appreciate how much fun we had!

Out first guest on the show is Mariano from Armor Cerveceria, he breaks down their beers and where you can find them in Mexico. In contrast to SD breweries, their best selling beer have nothing to do with the hop profiles. They bring in their water in 5 gallon jugs, talk about brewing the hard way!

Later in the show we are joined by Alonzo from Silenus Cerveza Artesanal, for a longer conversation. They have been around for about 6 years and share a brewer with Thr3e Punk Ales, Ivan Maldonaldo. Alonzo discusses how they started, the current beers available, their avoidance of hazy (“Make clears IPA again!”), and their focus on drink-ability.

We break down our Top 3 beer drinking towns, of course, my number 1 is no surprise to anyone!

Grab an indie beer, one from Mexico if you want to be on point, and hit the play button!