The Indie Beer Show – Episode #5 – Sin Fronteras Brewing

It’s a terrific day here at TIBS!, we’re finally sharing the time we got down to Sin Fronteras (Without Borders) for a long visit and recorded a show for you! If you have not had a chance to check out the burgeoning craft beer scene in Mexico, I suggest you investigate ahora mismo! When you decide to go south of the border for adventure, make sure you add Sin Fronteras Brewing to your mandatory list. The brewing side is coming soon, but they currently have a great selection of Mexican and American indie beers for you.

This is an amazing place to spend a day of drinking and fun! They are located directly on top of a cliff, at the water. Calling this a beautiful place to drink is an understatement. There is also a very famous surf store (K38) and 2 food places all within the same complex. They also has two suites you can rent out if you would like to spend the night. It’s a very special place, that has no direct comparison, to anywhere in the States. We were lucky enough to take a bus down with 10 of our fans/friends, which made transportation a breeze, and added to how special the day was! A giant shout out to Robert Esparza, the owner of Sin Fronteras, for welcoming us into his establishment and setting up the bus, we truly appreciate how much fun we had!

Out first guest on the show is Mariano from Armor Cerveceria, he breaks down their beers and where you can find them in Mexico. In contrast to SD breweries, their best selling beer have nothing to do with the hop profiles. They bring in their water in 5 gallon jugs, talk about brewing the hard way!

Later in the show we are joined by Alonzo from Silenus Cerveza Artesanal, for a longer conversation. They have been around for about 6 years and share a brewer with Thr3e Punk Ales, Ivan Maldonaldo. Alonzo discusses how they started, the current beers available, their avoidance of hazy (“Make clears IPA again!”), and their focus on drink-ability.

We break down our Top 3 beer drinking towns, of course, my number 1 is no surprise to anyone!

Grab an indie beer, one from Mexico if you want to be on point, and hit the play button!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #4 – The Great American Beer Festival

GABF is a special time of year for the independent brewers/breweries in our country. With the promise of recognition for greatness, representatives of the entire craft brewing industry descend on Denver with a thirst like a they were lost in the Sahara Desert for months. We were lucky enough to be granted media access to the largest craft beer festival we’ve ever seen! Denver excelled at being one of the greatest beer towns, or cities in general, that I have visited.

The festival itself was insane, calling it gigantic doesn’t seem to be enough, I need a bigger word, one with way more syllables to convey the enormity properly! Esthela and myself had a blast, enjoyed a bunch of Denver beer places outside the festival, and brought back a plethora of micro interviews from the festival floor.

Please note: due to the nature of the extreme varied conditions in which these recordings were made, there will be a lot of volume and recording quality variances, be prepared for that, especially while listening through headphones.

Grab a medal winning beer, maybe one of the 16 medal winning beers this year in San Diego, get comfortable, and hit the play button! 

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #3 – It’s Time for Nacho!

In this episode we are joined by Ignacio Cervantes (Nacho), the head brewer from The Bellmarker! We returned to one of our favorite spots, The Project Bar and Grill for this recording. We get to try some of his beers, including one that is a collaboration with a Show member! We discuss him moving on from Pizza Port, why he joined The Bellmarker, and what he’s enjoying about his new position. We also break down our Top 3 Secret Craft Spots, discuss Esthela’s adventures at CCBA (including wishing some bad karma on a thief), thank our awesome Patrons, and most importantly, have some fun!

Hit the play button and enjoy!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #2 – Our First Bottle Share!

One of the greatest things for us is actually hanging with our fans, in person. For TIBS #2 we threw a bottle share at Project Bar & Grill to get back to the best part of this show, fun!

We got to introduce David to many of our hard core fans in person, Travis is with us again, we break down our Top 3 brewery tasting rooms, drink many listener and show beers, and play a game with a 4 pack of Back to the Filter on the line!

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Get comfortable, grab your favorite indie beer and hit the play bottom!

The Indie Beer Show – Episode #1 – We’re Baaaack!

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much we missed you! We’re smack dab in the middle of our friends and family soft opening!

We cannot emphasize how appreciative we are for the incredible support the San Diego independent beer industry and community has shown us through this remodeling process; you remain the greatest collection of humans I have ever encountered!

Welcome David Martin to The Show, we’re stoked he decide to join us here at TIBS!

Sorry about all the !!!!; I’m just that excited to have the new show up and running.

Here’s our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and email. Get connected with us now and let us know what/who you’d like to see (hear) on the show.

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Ok, enough typing, get to listening!