Live with Doug Hasker from Puesto Cerveceria

That is correct, we will have the San Diego lager wizard,

Douglas Hasker on to talk about his new gig as the brewmaster of Puesto Cerveceria, located inside the brand new Puesto Mission Valley brew pub!
We will be featuring the following beers from them and hope you’ll have a chance to purchase and drink along with us:
Lager Clara
Lager Amber
Negra Dark Mexican Lager
Pale Ale
We are very pumped up to get to try and talk about the first beers from the next chapter of one of #SDBeer ‘s most respected brewers of all time.

And if you want to relive the live video:


Black is Beautiful Show

We are extremely happy to be able to bring you this episode!

We will begin The Show with Marcus J. Baskerville from Weathered Souls Brewing Co. in San Antonio where the Black is Beautiful movement began!

We will then be joined by William Samuel Izor from AleSmith Brewing Company, Montgomery Brandon from Black Beer Travelers, and Pierrie Dowles from Belching Beaver to discuss the BIB Mega Collaboration Edition that was brewed at AleSmith and involved 20+ breweries!

The beers we’ll be featuring on The Show:

Black is Beautiful Mega Collaboration Edition(Abnormal Beer Company, AleSmith Brewing, Automatic Brewing, Bagby Beer, Belching Beaver Brewery, Burgeon Beer Company, Fall Brewing Company, Hartland Brewing Co., Helia Brewing Co., Horus Aged Ales, Marea Coffee, Mason Ale Works, Modern Times Beer Co. North Park Beer Co., The Original 40 Brewing Company, Pure Project Brewing, Resident Brewing, Second Chance Beer Company, SouthNorte Beer Co., Stave & Nail Brewing, TapRoom Beer Co. North Park) (Still a small amount available, grab now!)

Diego Antonio (AleSmith & Weathered Soul) – West Coast-style IPA clocking in at 7.7 percent ABV that was brewed with Citra and Nelson Sauvin

Hawaiian Retreat (Are you an Order of the Anvil member?)

AleSmith IPA – this classic West Coaster returns for the 25th Anniversary!

There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, it was a special evening, hit that play button!


And if you want to re-live the live stream:


Live with Erik Fowler from White Labs

We had a wonderful evening discussing beer, yeast, and all things White Labs with Erik Fowler!

We specifically brought him on The Show to discuss the first packaged beer from the lords of yeast. It true White Labs spirit, they zigged when most would zag; for their first offering, Tabberer, they released a mixed pack, not of different beers, but the same beer fermented with two different yeasts. Each 4 pack includes two beers fermented with WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast and two beers finished with the strain that started it all, WLP001 California Ale Yeast.

We hope you enjoy this audio version of the live stream show, and take this as a reminder that you can join us, every Thursday at 6:30, on Facebook or YouTube, for some entertainment, knowledge and fun!

And if you want to relive the live cast:

Live with Ryan brooks from SouthNorte Beer Co.

We had the one and only Ryan Brooks on to discuss the multi-national brewery South Norte Beer Co.! We’re also joined by their new VP of Sales and Marketing, Breanne Heal.

This unique brewery has a lot to offer those on both sides of our border to the south and is currently in the middle of big internal changes. We’ll get all the information straight from the founder, Ryan. We had a few struggles during this episode, but that’s the fun of doing it live, right?!

Here are the beers we featured on The Show:

Sea Senor Mexican Style Lager – GABF gold medal winner!
Agavemente Agave Lager – GABF Silver medal winner!
No Guey! Mango IPA

Go grab these excellent beers to drink along with us and join in on the fun! We hope you enjoy this audio version of the live show and want to remind you to join us every Thursday night @ 6:30pm on Facebook or YouTube if you want to drink along with us and watch it all happen!

And if you prefer to see how it the live show went, here’s the video!:


Live with Timothy Parker from Chula Vista Brewery

We can’t overstate how rewarding doing our show in this new format has been. We’re finding the combination of live video with the interaction from the public provide a more powerful experience for all involved. That being said, here’s the audio version of our Show for those that still want their podcasts that way!

This week’s guests are  Timothy Parker and James Hodges from Chula Vista Brewery and we’re excited to welcome them to The Show for what will be a terrific evening. Here are the beers we’ll be featuring:

Guerita Blonde Ale
Amberillo Red Ale

If you have a chance go visit these fine people and grab these beers to drink along with us!

If you would like your favorite beer podcast on a mask, they’re $10, including shipping. Stay safe out there!

And in you would prefer to watch it, click here!