Live with Chuck Silva from Silva Brewing

Chuck joins us for what is sure to be a great evening to discuss all things Silva Brewing!

While most of us know him for his time in San Diego, he, with his wife MJ, founded Silva Brewing in 2015, in Paso Robles.

We are massively looking forward to catching up with this #SDBeer legend; known for innovation and consistency, we can’t wait to hear all the details about their life in SLO.

We will be featuring the following beverages on this show:

Galaxy on Rye – Hazy WCIPA

Ve va Che – Rustic Belgian with Brett Brux

Silva Stout – Imperial Stout aged in Four Roses barrels for 18 months

G-Fizz Blast – Hard Seltzer inspired by a Gin Fizz cocktail

Enjoy this audio version of the live stream or relieve the entire experience like you were there the first time, the choice is yours friends!



Best of TIBS! – Pure Project

Let’s listen back to a time when we didn’t think about social distancing and novel viruses. This is the last episode we released from Tapcraft Studios, man we miss that place and actually recording our show in person.

We sat down with Mike Czech and Chris Leguizamon from Pure Project to talk about their brewery that has been cranking out exceptional beer since the day they opened.

This was a great show and we hope it reminds you of a simpler time. Pure Project just won 13 medals in the San Diego Beer News as well!


Live with Kelsey McNair from North Park Beer Co.

There are several dozen amazing breweries in San Diego that we tend to gravitate towards without even consciously knowing it. North Park Beer Co. is one of those shining stars in the top tier of #SDBeer.
We’re in for a treat, and another IPA fest, when Kelsey joins us to discuss all things NPBC! We’re looking forward to an evening to write home about, that’s for sure.
We will be featuring the following beers:
Archaic Technology – Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPA
Infernal Combustion – Double Dry
Hopped West Coast IPA
Clockwork Intelligence – Double Dry
Hopped Hazy Double IPA
Lupulin Collider – Triple Dry Hopped Hazy Triple IPA
We hope you enjoy the audio version of the show, and just in case you want to relive the live stream, that’s below as well!

Best of TIBS! – Mobile West Canning

Here’s to unexpected things happening in 2021 like it’s the 14th month of ’20! The show that should be publishing right now won’t see the light of day, sometimes that happens. Exactly 2 times, to be precise.

We thought we would take a trip back in time, all the way to December of 2019, when our guest was Mobile West Canning. At the time of recording this episode there was no way to know the extreme importance MWC’s service would have the following year. Just four months after this recording, we went into lockdown due to Covid.

The lifeline of canned beer Mobile West offered several of our favorite breweries during to go only restrictions cannot be overstated. For some breweries, MWC is the only reason they survived this unprecedented time.

Sit back and remember a simpler time, when people could sit at the same table and drink and laugh together all night!

Live with The Indie Beer Show

Every once in awhile we like to do a Show where it’s just us hanging out with you. In the long, long ago, we would be having a bottle share or some other fun activity to interact with our friends and supporters.

Pink elephants aside, we’ll fire up TIBS! at the same bat time and on the same bat channels as usual to talk about the current state of beer in San Diego, our future amazing guests we have scheduled, and most importantly, have fun!

This week, we’re drinking all dark beers!

We’ll be featuring the following:

Midnight Expression from Port Brewing – Dark Lager

Stout from Sierra Nevada (the first beer they brewed)

Spicy Maya from Thorn – Dry Irish Stout with cocoa nibs, pasilla peppers, cayenne and a touch of cinnamon

Doom Blade from Modern Times – Black IPA

Thank you for being the best humans on Earth; we hope you enjoy the audio version of this episode and/or the live stream below!