Pure Project

Fresh off their 4th anniversary, we had a the opportunity to sit down with Mike Czech and Chris Leguizamon from Pure Project to talk about their brewery that has been cranking out exceptional beer since the day they opened.

Known for their murky IPAs by most, we’re here to tell you that they have a deep bag of phenomenal products that you need to be exploring.

One #SDBeer TIBS! really enjoys from Pure is pictured above, Log Cabin, a barrel aged imperial stout with cocoa and maple syrup. We appreciate the restraint on the sweetness in a time where some beers are competing with the caloric content of ice cream, this beer brings enough to the table to be present but not enough to overwhelmed the subtleties of the barrel.

Strap in, this episode lands heavily on the longer side but we had a blast handing our with Mike and Chris, enjoy!

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