Rye’d The Dragon at Savagewood!

Over here at TIBS!, we’ve been on a tremendous streak of good fortune! This week, well last month actually, we got the chance to collaborate with Savagewood Brewing on a fine crafted beverage.

The malts break down like this, 80% 2 row, 12% rye malt, and 8% flaked oats. We saved room in the kettle for a cold water addition after the boil, that dropped our whirlpool temp down to about 175 degrees, for 1.33lbs/BBL of Dragon hops to take a swim in. Then they let WLP067 do its job and added 2.66lbs/BBL of those same Dragon hops in dry hopage.

I think the beer turned out really good, but don’t take my word for it, get over there and try it for yourself! Yes, the limited cans have sold out but there’s still some available on drat for another week or so!

We had a blast recording a live show at the Rye’d The Dragon release party, we really enjoy getting to interact with our fans when we get the chance. Thank you to everyone that made it out and an even bigger thank you goes to Savagewood for working with us on an indie beer show indie beer! Get listening!

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