Second Anniversary Show!

Yep, we made it through the second season of The Indie Beer Show! This year was not what anyone had planned but we feel really good about how we morphed The Show to remote live streaming to keep everyone safe. It had the added benefit of being able to broadcast live to our fans and have breweries on that may not have been able to join us in person.

For our Second Anniversary Show we focused on giving back to those that got us here, the best people on Earth, the TIBS! fans and Patrons! We talk about some of our favorite moments in The Indie Beer Show history, cover some show stats, and giveaway several prizes to patrons and participants alike. We also covered that Mug Club Members will receive an actual mug this year (and one for last year if you were a member already).

Thank you so much to everyone that has listened, watched, liked, commented, rated, participated, drank along with, high fived (when we could do that), shared, and supported us in any way! We couldn’t do The Indie Beer Show without you! Here’s to Season 3!


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