Societe Brewing Company

This week is a special one for us, we got to sit down with Doug and Brandon from Societe Brewing Company! Of course that meant Brandon was pulling double duty as both a host of The Show and a guest of The Show!

I’m finally back behind the mic, Esthela is with us as always, and we have a big announcement in the beginning of the program!

We kind of talk about the new distribution deal that was just announced, the deal wasn’t signed at the time of recording so they didn’t talk about the specifics. We discuss some upcoming changes and what will remain the same; extremely flavorful, high quality, #indiebeer . Here’s a little video about that announcement:

Scout Distribution Presents: Societe Brewing from Scout Distribution on Vimeo.

We finish off this episode with a good discussion about the upcoming 7th anniversary party that will go down on July 27th! Last year they didn’t throw a big party and the public demanded an epic celebration this year. Listen to hear some of the details regarding that upcoming soiree and get your tickets here!

Get yourself a nice cold indie beer, maybe a fresh Societe crowler, and hit the play button!

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