The Indie Beer Show – Episode #2 – Our First Bottle Share!

One of the greatest things for us is actually hanging with our fans, in person. For TIBS #2 we threw a bottle share at Project Bar & Grill to get back to the best part of this show, fun!

We got to introduce David to many of our hard core fans in person, Travis is with us again, we break down our Top 3 brewery tasting rooms, drink many listener and show beers, and play a game with a 4 pack of Back to the Filter on the line!

Here’s our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and email. Get connected with us now and let us know what/who you’d like to see (hear) on the show.

Get comfortable, grab your favorite indie beer and hit the play bottom!

3 thoughts on “The Indie Beer Show – Episode #2 – Our First Bottle Share!”

  1. Is something wrong with the RSS feed? ( )?

    I have tried to download the podcast using Overcast (on iOS) and Podcast Addict (on Android), and both only show Episode #1 available, but the webpage shows 2 episodes are available…

    Looking at the webpage, Episode #1 is “tagged” with Audio, while Episode #2 isn’t. (While I’m not an expert at RSS, it appears that episode #2 is missing the “feed-additions” directing the apps to “look” deeper into the posts for an audio file….

    1. Dan,

      You can download the podcast directly through the player on our site right now, click the triangle share symbol, and you’ll see the download option. That being said, I only published Episode #2 a few hours ago and so it probably just didn’t populate into the apps your looking in yet. We haven’t even told Overcast or Podcast Addict that we exist yet, so I’m stoked the first episode populated. If this still doesn’t work for you, email me at Cheers@Indie.Beer and I will send you a direct link to download the episode. Just in case it’s a factor I will tag #2 as an audio post. Thank you for reaching out to us!

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