The Indie Beer Show – Episode #4 – The Great American Beer Festival

GABF is a special time of year for the independent brewers/breweries in our country. With the promise of recognition for greatness, representatives of the entire craft brewing industry descend on Denver with a thirst like a they were lost in the Sahara Desert for months. We were lucky enough to be granted media access to the largest craft beer festival we’ve ever seen! Denver excelled at being one of the greatest beer towns, or cities in general, that I have visited.

The festival itself was insane, calling it gigantic doesn’t seem to be enough, I need a bigger word, one with way more syllables to convey the enormity properly! Esthela and myself had a blast, enjoyed a bunch of Denver beer places outside the festival, and brought back a plethora of micro interviews from the festival floor.

Please note: due to the nature of the extreme varied conditions in which these recordings were made, there will be a lot of volume and recording quality variances, be prepared for that, especially while listening through headphones.

Grab a medal winning beer, maybe one of the 16 medal winning beers this year in San Diego, get comfortable, and hit the play button! 

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