The Indie Beer Show – Episode #6 – Bruce Glassman Brings Us Beer and We Drink It!

In a complicated string of events, much too boring to type here, we ended up recording this episode in a very nontraditional location. Thankfully the indie beer gods saw it wise to provide us an under construction brewery to use for our own shenanigans. I want to personally thank Steve from U 31 for welcoming us into his space and allowing us to enjoy this unique building, way before anyone should.

Bruce Glassman, award winning author and publisher, came to TIBS! bearing 8 delicious gifts for us to sample while discussing his accomplishments and contributions to the San Diego beer journalism world.

We started with a great array of Brut IPAs from Duckfoot, Council, Burning Beard, and Wild Barrel. In a never before seen outcome, each of us chose a different beer as our favorite, completely proving all of these beers are exceptional!

Then we dove into Festbiers (’tis the saison) from the lager king of SD, Gordon Biersch, next in line for the lager thrown (and sharpening their sword), Eppig, the greatest brew pub North county has to offer, Bagby, and the gold bar standard, Karl Strauss. Each and every one of these beers are incredibly high quality and massively enjoyable, exactly what they are supposed to be!

We also discover the secret to getting clean pours out of those awesome crowlers we all love! You’re welcome world!

Thank you to Mr. Glassman for taking the time to hang out with us for a few hours, and even more so, for bringing an array of delightful SD beers for us enjoy on The Show!

You can check out Bruce’s article here,  grab an indie beer, we suggest a Festbier or a Brut IPA to be on theme, and hit the play button!

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