The Indie Beer Show – Episode #9 – Blend-O-Matic

Sometimes we’re lucky and get invited to some fun stuff, this was not an exception! The amazing people over at Second Chance had us come out for the release of Blend-O-Matic, a new, revolutionary collaboration with the juggernaut, AleSmith. In an extremely unique concept, they brewed 2 completely different beers, one a hazy IPA, the other a brut IPA, with the intention of being physically blended. The combined, result is available on draft, but what pushes this collab into the stratosphere of awesomeness is that you can purchase mixed 4 packs (2 cans of each beer) of 16 oz cans and combine the beers at your whimsy! I’m a fan of the 50/50 combination that is available at 2nd Chance, but maybe you like 60/40, or gasp 30/70!

We were hanging out on the Beer Lounge patio in North Park, first joined by Marty Mendiola, the Co-founder and Brewmaster of Second Chance, and Peter Zien, CEO & Owner of AleSmith. These guys are both integral to the history and success of #SDBeer and we were still a little star struck that they sat down with us. Personally, I didn’t even mention Speedway Stout being the only member of the Sore Eye Cup Hall of Fame until after we were done recording with Peter. It was a great time to get to hang with these two legends, who clearly have a great friendship, as you’ll hear!

In the second segment we have Ryan Crisp, Director of Brewery Operations and Colin Field, Specialty Brewer from AleSmith. We discuss the origin story of the brut IPA side of the Blend and many other terrific things currently happening inside the mega complex on AleSmith Court. Yes, if you didn’t know, the street where they are located is literally named after the brewery.

We close out the show with Rudy from CraftBeerd (and now Jolly Spaceship) and Virginia Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder of Second Chance to talk about the art work and the overall collaboration spirit behind the Blend-O-Matic endeavor.

This show was a lot of fun for us and I hope that translates to your ears! I’m done typing; hit the play button!

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