The New Normal Show

Hey amazing fans of The Indie Beer Show, we’re back with our first show recorded remotely! We landed on using StreamYard to record the show and we think it worked out pretty well. All of these platforms have their weaknesses but this one has one good strength, we can live stream our shows to Facebook, which we will do on May 14th.
The audio quality obviously isn’t the same as when we’re in the same room but it works and it keeps everyone safe. We start the show with a statement that is impossible to actually convey in words; the gravity of the situation the #SDBEER industry is facing currently is tremendous and calling it difficult is the underestimate of the century. Please #DoWhatYouCan to support your favorite independent breweries in anyway possible. 
We miss you guys, we miss tasting rooms, we miss hugs, we miss cheers, we miss leaning over to a person we don’t know and asking them what they are drinking. These are unique times we’re living in. With all that said, for our livecast show on May 14th (starting at 6:30pm), we’re going to tell you what beers to pickup soon so you can drink along with us! That will give us all a taste of the community we are currently missing.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and know your friends at TIBS! love you!

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