This Is The End of 2020!

We did it! We made it to the end of 2020, as far as The Indie Beer Show is concerned. This will be our final show of the year.
We will be mainly celebrating the culmination of a pretty crappy year for everyone and looking forward to a cleansing, hopefully as effective as a giant sage burning, start of 2021.
Here are the amazing beers we will be featuring in this Show:
Noble Tendencies – Czech-Style Pilsner from The Lost Abbey
Nut Brown from AleSmith
Citra by the Sea – Hazy IPA from Burgeon
Zumbar – Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout from New English
We hope you enjoy this audio version of our finale of 2020 but just in case you want to relive the live fun, the video is below as well. We’ll return January 7th with the first live show of ’21 and 1/18 with the first audio release of the year.
We hope you have a delightful holidays and a New Year full of positivity and health!


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