We are filled with stoke and excitement to get 2021 started!
We’ll have on members of the illustrious Mikkeller Brewing San Diego team to talk about their early days as a gypsy brewery, landing in a beloved SD location, and traditions of pushing beer boundaries in all directions.
We’ll be featuring the following beers (all available at Mikkeller Miramar):
The Lager of Your Life – Easy drinking lager. Crisp, clean, crushable helles lager, collaboration with Musical artist Hamilton Leithauser
Fun W/ Foudre – Ale Aged in Oak Foudre w/ Grapefruit, and Smoked Sea Salt
Rick & Murky – NE-style IPA w/ Galaxy & Citra Hops
The OCHO Imperial Stout – Imperial Stout Aged in Blanton’s Bourbon, Oregon Whisky, Firestone Walker Union, and Superstition Mead Barrels
We hope you enjoy the first audio release of 2021 but just in case the live show is below as well!


This Is The End of 2020!

We did it! We made it to the end of 2020, as far as The Indie Beer Show is concerned. This will be our final show of the year.
We will be mainly celebrating the culmination of a pretty crappy year for everyone and looking forward to a cleansing, hopefully as effective as a giant sage burning, start of 2021.
Here are the amazing beers we will be featuring in this Show:
Noble Tendencies – Czech-Style Pilsner from The Lost Abbey
Nut Brown from AleSmith
Citra by the Sea – Hazy IPA from Burgeon
Zumbar – Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout from New English
We hope you enjoy this audio version of our finale of 2020 but just in case you want to relive the live fun, the video is below as well. We’ll return January 7th with the first live show of ’21 and 1/18 with the first audio release of the year.
We hope you have a delightful holidays and a New Year full of positivity and health!


Live with Gene Fielden from Bottlecraft North Park

As we’re winding down this loco year, we thought it would be nice to talk about the holiday season in reference to craft beer purchasing and more importantly, drinking.
In this vein, we bring you a wonderful evening with Gene Fielden the Beer/Wine/Spirits Buyer from Bottlecraft North Park to talk about holiday beer traditions, his holiday shopping advice and celebrate that we’ll soon see the end of 2020!
We will feature the following beers (all available at Bottlecraft NP):
Foliage Autumn Lager from Enegren
Bacon & Eggs Imperial Coffee Porter from Pizza Port
Christmas Ale Belgian Winter Ale from St. Bernardus


Gene is a wealth of knowledge, if you ever have a beer or spirit question, don’t hesitate to visit him at Bottlecraft and get some advice. We hope you enjoy this audio version of the livestream! Just in case you want to relive the live show, the video’s below.


Live with New Motion Beverages & Embloden Beer Co.

If the modern beer era has taught us anything it’s that the public wants an incredible variety when they visit local breweries. Enter New Motion Beverages and Embolden Beer Co.

These two brands offer a wide variety of craft beer and other options, including kombucha, seltzer, and sparkling tea. Add to that brewing 32 North beers (former owners of the facility), and their plans for low and no alcohol options, and you have fast moving company from day one. We will have Andrew Kelly and Cody Morris, the brewing team, on to discuss the nuances of having all of this under one roof. We will be featuring the following beverages on The Show:

Original Sin – Bohemian Pilsner

Rose All Dae – Barrel Fermented Hard Seltzer

Pomegranate Unicorn – Hard Sparkling
Green Tea

Rewriting History – Juicy West Coast IPA

It’s been more than a month since we have had a #SDBeer brewery on, let’s welcome this exciting new comer! We hope you enjoy this audio version of our live stream show but just in case you want to relive the original, it’s below.

Live with Great Notion Brewing

Our World Tour November culminates with a fearless Portland brewery, Great Notion Brewing. Known for pushing the limits of what an IPA or sour can be, we’re really happy they agreed to hang out with for an awesome night of beer friendship.
They have found success by selling their products direct to the consumer through several tasting rooms and a stylish app to keep their fans updated on all available products and merchandise.
We will be featuring the following beers on this episode:
Ledge Bier – German pils with Hallertau and Saaz
Juice invader- IPA featuring Galaxy
Apricult- Collab with the head brewer’s side project, Brujos. Its a tart ale with apricot, tangerine, and milk sugar.

Baked– Sour with peach, cinnamon, vanilla, milk sugar

We hope you enjoy this audio version of show as we march towards the end (thankfully) of this ludicrous year that we call 2020.
Aand if you want to see it, the live stream is below!