Live With Bob Kunz & Blanca Quintero from Highland Park Brewery

Our world tour month continues; first we took you to Canada, then we blasted down to Denver, now we’re bringing you a night with Highland Park Brewery!
This amazing brewery is exactly 118 miles from my front door but it will seem like mere inches thanks to the miracle of the interwebs. We have Bub Kunz and Blanca Quintero on to discuss all things Highland Park and we will get to feature the following beers on The Show:
Timbo Pils – West Coast Pilsner
Beeper – Hazy Pale Ale
Jetski Backflipzzz – Hazy TIPA collab with Alvarado St
We has a blast hanging out with these instant beer friends and encourage you to support them when you get the chance – please enjoy this audio version of the live show.
The livestream is below, just in case you want to relive that.


Live with Ashleigh Carter from Bierstadt Lagerhaus

We are beyond excited to bring you an evening with Bierstadt Lagerhaus from Denver Colorado. We will have Ashleigh, Bierstadt’s co-founder and head brewer, on The Show.
We’ll dive into why they have made the decision to focus on Reinheitsgebot-approved German lagers, the possibility that they may be more known outside of Denver than in their own town, and anything else you want to ask this brewer that reminds us to #lagerhard .
We will be featuring the following beers:
The Slow Pour Pils – your favorite brewer’s favorite beer
Dunkel – Dark, flavors of bread crusts and chocolate. Franconian classic
The Slow Pour Pils – yes, we will drink and revel in this beer’s greatness twice!
This is a great episode focusing on the dedication to lagers; it’s always refreshing to talk to a brewery that has been able to scratch out an existence doing their own thing and forging a unique path for themselves. Have a listen or relive the live stream below!

Live with Pacific Beer Chat

That’s right, it’s time for a full on collaboration show. We’ll be joined by our friends from Pacific Beer Chat; you heard us correctly, Canada will be in the house! We had a blast hanging out and joking with our friends, even if they are way, way North of us.
We will be featuring some classic San Diego beers that are available in their area:
Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing – stove pipes if you want to match us perfectly
Sculpin from Ballast Point – 12 oz bottle
Speedway Stout from AleSmith – 16 oz can – The only member of the Sore Eye Cup Hall of Fame!
Please enjoy this audio version of the show or you can go back in time and relive the live extravaganza below!


Live with Hopnonymous Brewing Co.

This week we have a unique brewery for you, Hopnonymous Brewing Company. What makes them unique you ask? Well, they are a private-label beer producer. What does that mean you ask? It means they make beers for bars and restaurants that want to offer their own products but don’t have brewing facilities.
We will be featuring the following beers on this episode:
Remission Possible – sour DIPA with raspberry, pink guava and Citra – collab with Mujeres Brew House
Return of the MAC – dry hopped pilsner with Motueka and Citra
Slammin’ San Diego – hybrid IPA with Cashmere, Strata and Enigma
We hope you enjoy this audio version of this episode and remember to join us every Thursday at 6:30pm  on YouTube of Facebook for funtertainment!

Live with WestBrew

This week we have a brewery that has just celebrated their grand opening and is starting things off with a bang! WestBrew’s modern, coastal tasting room is open, airy and inviting. Better still, there are multiple locations currently being built, this is no timid entry into #SDBeer . We are joined by Joshua Schreer, Owner, and Jay Jones, Head of Sales.
Their main location is at 1061 La Mirada Court, Vista, California 92081 and they just opened the Del Mar location we talk about, located at 1435 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, California 92014
We feature the following beers on the show:
WestBrew Pils : 5.2% featuring Amarillo, Tettnang, and Hallertau Blanc
Hazy by the Sea: 7% featuring Citra, Motueka and Rakau
Mosaic Surfer Pale: 6% with Mosaic
Righteous Coast: 7% WIPA
We hope you enjoy this audio version of the episode and just in case you want to relive the livestream, that’s below as well!